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Why do exceptional marketing people seem to be surrounded by superstars? Because they make everyone around them look good.

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There’s a whole crop of marketing people who operate with only part of the picture. They didn’t get the foundational training to be strategic, to guide product marketing and clients to consensus, or to understand the power of a solid creative brief.

The work often reflects the gap. And the process of creating the work gets bogged down, sidetracked and exponentially expensive.

It's time to build up your team

The Marketing Heroes™ program creates the next generation of fantastic B2B marketing people. It fills the gaps in your staff’s strategic foundation with hands-on training, interactive exercises, and individualized feedback. They become more valuable and effective for your organization. In turn, they create better work, more quickly and
in less time.

Zoom sessions run for two weeks in six 90-minute sessions. Limited size cohorts begin each quarter. If your team would benefit, customized workshops are available over Zoom or in-person.

Who is this for?

  • Corporate Marcom Managers
  • In House Agency Account Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Comms Account Management
  • Internal Communicators
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Deb is a true veteran in the field and brings tons of industry insights into theoretical classroom discussions.
Kevin Fisher, Go-To Market Strategy & Operations, CLARI
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Deb has a wealth of experience, ideas and imagination, but most importantly she has standards about how things should be done, and it’s great to work with someone who can execute as well.
Andrew Clarke, President, Brass Ideas Advertising

The Marketing Heroes Workshops

Marketing 101:
The foundation

Every successful marketing campaign anchors itself with a strategic foundation.

Here’s a secret: the foundational pillars are the same whether you are in B2B, B2C, or Nonprofit marketing.  That's because the constant in every campaign is a human, and his/her/their motivations are universal. Many marketers realize they never learned that foundation. Their peers assume they know it; their gut tells them otherwise. Too many marketers spend anxious hours trying to figure the foundation out before getting found out.

This workshop takes that fear away and turns you into a strategic powerhouse. You’ll learn the Universal Foundation, including how to:·      

  • Save time and money by talking to one target
  • Focus on your customer’s needs
  • Separate yourself from the competition
  • Keep customers on the purchase path
  • Use strategic documents to give campaigns a backbone

I wish I had learned this at the beginning,” says every student who has taken the Marketing Foundation Workshop.

Nurturing outstanding creative

Are your creative campaigns stuck in endless feedback loops leaving everyone dissatisfied? Are overages a regular part of your creative relationships? .Are you tired of being compared to “the other guys?”

There is an alternative.

Developing, nurturing, and shepherding the creation of effective marketing campaigns is an oft-skipped marketing skill. It separates outstanding account partners from mere order takers. More vital, marketers with this skill save their companies time and money while elevating the quality of the campaign.  

In short, it transforms them into Marketing Heroes.

This workshop gives you the skills and to accelerate your marketing. You learn to:

  • Draft creative briefs that become the backbone of your successful campaign
  • Maximize partnerships between vendors and clients, so everyone does their best work
  • Create focused presentations that speed development and approvals
  • Get actionable feedback that keeps true to the brief

Your creative partners will thank you.

Signs of a marketing Hero

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The most talented and experienced professional does not necessarily possess the gift to teach; Deb Doyle does! She shared her passion for, knowledge of and incredible insights into Advertising with our class in a most effortless, engaging fashion. Deb maximized every minute of our classes and left everyone wanting more!
Nicole Gyan, Project Manager / Social Media Specialist, Better World Advertising