Transform your team
into marketing heroes

Transform your Team into Marketing Heroes

Why do exceptional account people seem to be surrounded by superstars? Because they make everyone around them look good.

There’s a whole crop of marketing people who operate with only part of the picture. They didn’t get the foundational training to be strategic, to guide product marketing and clients to consensus, or to understand the power of a solid creative brief.

The work often reflects the gap. And the process of creating the work gets bogged down, sidetracked and exponentially expensive.

It's time to build up your team

What is it?

The Marketing Heroes™ program creates the next generation of amazing account people. It fills the gaps in your staff’s strategic foundation with hands-on training, interactive workshops, and individualized feedback. They become more valuable and effective for your organization.

By focusing on the strategic building blocks of account management, participants learn essential skills that allow them to create better work, faster and in less time.

Workshops are taught on-line for individuals or as customized workshops for dedicated teams. On-line class size is limited for maximum feedback and interaction.

Who is this for?

  • Agency Account Management
  • Corporate Marcom Managers
  • In House Agency Account Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Comms Account Management
  • Internal Communicators
Deb is a true veteran in the field and brings tons of industry insights into theoretical classroom discussions.
Kevin Fisher, Go-To Market Strategy & Operations, CLARI
Deb has a wealth of experience, ideas and imagination, but most importantly she has standards about how things should be done, and it’s great to work with someone who can execute as well.
Andrew Clarke, President, Brass Ideas Advertising

The Workshops

The Marketing Heroes Certificate

  • Four workshops taken individually or as a certificate program.
  • Complete all four workshops and you become a certified Marketing Hero.
  • Purchase the certificate program and you have 12 months to earn to certificate.

The Marketing Heroes certificate indicates that your marketing team understand the strategic underpinnings of account management success.

1. Communicating for Clarity and Action

You want your audience to take action whether the form is email, phone, or in person.  Learn to craft your communication for action including the 5 W’s of communication, curating content and the power of consistency. This class teaches the thinking behind effective communication.

2. Getting to Yes, Presentations that compel

Convincing someone to do something they don’t know they want to do takes finesse and strategy. Learn preparation, building an argument, how to make it easy to say yes and maximizing your format for the life of the presentation.

3. Turning Creative Briefs Into Roadmaps

The creative brief is the backbone of every successful campaign. Still, many teams skip this step because it’s more fun to jump to tactics. But could you imagine building a house without an architectural plan? Getting a creative brief together is not as difficult as many people believe. There are methods, and they can be mastered.

4. Creative-Speak as a second language: Vendor & Partner Relations

Creatives, product marketing and marcom speak different languages. Without an interpreter, instructions are mis-heard, strategies are skipped and work gets delayed in an endless loop.  Learn to meet the needs of all stakeholders by giving and extracting the information each group needs to do their best work. Your campaigns will thank you for it.


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Additional workshops

Successful RFP Development

An RFP remains a central component of many competitive bidding processes. It helps hiring companies level the playing fields when comparing diverse vendors. It’s also your time to shine – to present yourself above the crowd using the client’s established box. Become the quarterback who makes your firm shine using a solid strategy, organization, division of labor and flair.


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Marketing 101: The Fundamentals

“Wow, I wish I had learned this at the beginning” says every student who takes the Fundamentals class. In a world focused on ROI, social media, data feedback and AI, we have neglected to start with the basics: Branding, Targets, Messaging, Positioning, Persuasion, the dance between media and creative, and the crossover between B2B, B2C and Non-profit marketing. Get your team started on their best foot.


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Signs of a marketing Hero

The most talented and experienced professional does not necessarily possess the gift to teach; Deb Doyle does! She shared her passion for, knowledge of and incredible insights into Advertising with our class in a most effortless, engaging fashion. Deb maximized every minute of our classes and left everyone wanting more!
Nicole Gyan, Project Manager / Social Media Specialist, Better World Advertising