Who We Are

We pride ourselves on our ability to curate the best team for your project—choosing the perfect combination of talent and experience to get the job done.

Deb Doyle, President & Chief Fixer

Stage2 is led by Deb Doyle. An award-winning marketer, Deb combines brand insights and high level strategy with dogged execution. Deb has over 30 years of marketing and communications experience, she elevates teams and individuals by fostering curiosity, generosity and joy. She teaches Advertising & Social Media in UC Berkeley IDP Program and mentors business owners.

Prior to launching Stage2 Marketing in 2006, Deb was a Vice President/Account Director at Publicis & Hal Riney where she introduced the first US camera phone. At McCann Erickson, she developed Stanford Hospital's first brand campaign. She managed McDonald's Regional Co-ops in Arizona and Northern California, leading the country in sales and profits for more than 10 years. Her work has won 15 creative awards including a Silver D&AD. She was named Co-op Marketer of the Year by McDonald's Corporation.

Deb has a B.A. in English Literature from The Pennsylvania State University. She is a fiber artist, a book lover, a chef, a hiker and a reformed horseman.

Curated teams to meet your needs

To ensure you have the specialized skills and experience necessary to successfully develop and execute your plans, we tap into our network of partners to curate a team of experts.

From big data analysis to videographers, we have you covered. By accessing high-level talent only when your project calls for it, your marketing department can operate at a higher level without the costly overhead.

Talent, Experience & Grit

We pride ourselves on our ability to curate the best team for your project—choosing the perfect combination of talent, experience and grit to achieve results.


Grit may just be the secret to Stage2's success and why we have been labeled "The Fixer" by clients.  

What does it mean to have grit? Angela Duckworth describes it as a blend of passion and persistence that leads to outstanding achievement. A professor and author with degrees in neurobiology, neuroscience and psychology from Harvard, Oxford and University of Pennsylvania, Duckworth explains the bottom line from her cumulative research: "what matters in the long run is sticking with things and working daily to get better at them." When it gets hard? Those with grit persevere. In the face of obstacles and quandaries? Those with grit dig deep and find a way through. Results don't meet expectations? Those with grit use it as an opportunity to figure out what works better.

After over thirty years of passion, persistence and a commitment to blowing past roadblocks, Stage2 has proven grit-power. When you invite us to tackle your marketing problems, we utilize all our skills, experience and knowledge to find the right solution. But perhaps most importantly, we put our grit to work for you and get your marketing moving again in the right direction.


Would you build a house without a set of plans? Or drive to a new city without a map? Are you a daredevil who would play darts while blindfolded? Not us.

Effective marketing plans begin with one common step: a solid foundation. That foundation includes a common understanding of your business, your competitors, your business problem, and your customers.

That’s why we kick off each engagement with an analysis of your situation using research, interviews and insights. We ask a lot of questions. We read. We ask more questions. We explore how your customers currently solve their problems and how you might fit into their mindset. Finally, we help you paint a clear picture of your customer, so we build a plan that speaks to their needs.


Once we develop a nuanced understanding of where you and your company are and where you want to go, we develop a strategic road map using your budget and timing parameters.

Strategy is more than a step by step manual. We identify areas for growth and improvement in your current efforts. We identify gaps in your messaging and resources. We align teams by creating “guard rails” that keep everyone moving synergistically. We put together the right combination of talent and experience for the job at hand. We leverage customer insights about your customers for creative choices.

Together, we write the plan that guides implementation.


Everyone has an opinion about creative. There’s a reason why USA Today runs surveys to determine which Super Bowl ads were the most “liked.” We love feel good stories that touch our hearts or our funny bones.

Here’s the thing, creative executions and media plans aren’t meant to be liked by everyone. Marketing is not a popularity contest. Creative has a job to do. It is supposed to convince your customer to give you something of value. They need to convince your customers to do business with you.

Based on the strategy, we assemble our extended team of talent to determine the most effective communication tools for your customers. Together we create materials that accurately reflect your brand, meet the needs of your customers, differentiates you from the competition and move your customer one step closer to a sale.

From social media to traditional advertising to earned media and white papers and more, we put your story where your customer will respond to it.


According to Nielsen, adults now spend almost 6 hours each day watching video. It represents the largest source of media consumption, coming in at just over half of time adults spend with media of any kind

At Stage2, we consistently see the power of well-told stories in videos. It shows you a solution, drawing customers in with narrative and sound.  In one of our personal favorites, Caterpillar shows potential customers more about their heavy equipment in one giant game of Jenga than anyone would ever hear if they had to listen in a sales meeting. Videos can be magic.

Our extended team includes the talented Moving Portraits TV.  Their exceptional ability to touch emotions extends to any subject they tackle: from complex medical technology to introducing new restaurant concepts to airport concession directors. Shall we see what they can do for your story?

A few of our talented collaborators:

David Kervinen, Global Brand & Creative Consultant

In a world full of niche-focused design directors, David’s philosophy about delivering world-class creative comes through a myriad of award winning, design discipline experience. His in-depth understanding of aesthetics, strategy and performance is the driving force behind his design and leadership talents.

Neal Zimmerman, Principal, Zimmerman Design Group

Neal is the consummate creative brain – design, copy, strategy and client managements. He was the design creative director at Butler Shine Stern & Partners and Senior Art Director at Levi Strauss. His work spans Nike, Cannondale Bicycles, Priceline, BabyCenter and Ritz-Carlton.

Moving Portraits Studio

Haley and Simone shine a spotlight on the great work clients are doing. They work with changemakers, innovative companies and progressive nonprofits. Their videos make people act fast – donate, invest, buy by making audiences feel.

The Bryant Group

Launching a brand is more than changing the logo. The Bryant Group equips staff members and leaders with best in class techniques to create loyal customers and build a culture of excellence. From the Miami Dolphins to Audi to Chase Bank, they train teams to bring a brand to life every day at every touchpoint.

BB Creative, Web Design

Virginia Chatham and her team are our website design and development partners. They develop and manage our web properties, search engine presence and online marketing.

Candy Culver, Project Manager

Candy built her practice working primarily with non profit companies. We value her ability to gather, manage input and keep everyone on track to drive progress on time and within budget.

Interested in your own custom team?