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The Power of One

The Power of One is a workshop, speech, and research project Deb regularly shares with businesses of all sizes.

When marketing speaks to one person, directly and authentically, you give your customer the feeling of intimate welcome that comes from a host greeting you warmly, “Hello! I’ve been waiting for you.”  

Deb helps businesses understand the power of this philosophy and how it guides their marketing choices.

Drop Deb an email to schedule your complimentary Power of One 30 minute assessment.


Deb's experience as an educator translates into effective workshops and talks, such as the Power of One. Deb currently teaches advertising and social media at the UC Berkeley International Diploma Program, UC Berkeley Extension, and SFSU Extension. She is also a SBDC mentor working with small business to improve economic indicators.


The Power of One helps clients understand that by focusing on their one customer, they can increase revenue faster and invest resources more efficiently. This simple, yet profound insight is a game changer.


By understanding the Power of One, clients gain a new appreciation for the depth of research and interviews Stage2 utilizes to gain a clear picture of their ideal customer.

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