Vascular Cures

New Products Open New Opportunities

Vascular Cures, a nonprofit focused on vascular research, launched a new platform for elderly patients with PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease) to report day-to-day symptoms to their care teams. Stage2 launched a campaign to raise awareness and open new industry relationships for the non-profit.


An extensive review and analysis process was undertaken to better understand the industry and donor motivations.


By interviewing donors and vascular disease patients, Stage2 was able to demonstrate that a focus on patients would be more compelling to donors. People donate to improve the lives of sufferers


Based on this insight, Stage2 developed a new message platform for Vascular Cures to communicate the impact their work has had on patients.


Stage2 helped Vascular Cures reach a wider audience via a well-received new website, newsletter template and social media strategy.

Deb was warm, communicative and great to work with.

–Wendy Hitchcock, CEO, Vascular Cures

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